In the Hollow of My Darkness II

I was brought forth into this hollow!

Named in a muddy society,

Though I lived by the river

Yet, my palm never blossomed

My juniper was not allowed

Stretch its root

My iroko,

Did not get the chance to be called a man.

I had the potentials

To become the best

My government

Destroyed all that

With greediness

And long throats.

Co-operate individuals

Coming in big boats and polished goodwill

Who corrupt our society the more?

Who brought us to the limelight of thuggery?

Who inculcated violence?

Who instigated vandalism?

We were like Sodom and Gomorrah

Burning in a life Sulphur

I remember my little diary

Flash back on my gone days

Nostalgic feeling of innocence

Back when I was a good liar

A worthy street brat

The slums I wallowed

The hobo life I lived

The escapades I had

My foolish hunger for stupidity

The epic of nuisance

My masterpiece of disruption

My genesis of cuteness

The exodus of stubbornness

I was,

Alas, the general of the street goons……..


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