Dear Social Media

Dear Social Media,
I want to take this time to let you know that, I appreciate the endless opportunities’ you’ve given me over time to meet influential peeps and discuss Beiber’s latest music with my favorite crush I only get to chat with for forty minutes from 10:00 pm – 11: 00 pm on Fridays. Thank you for the platform you provided to express my talents while worrying about the number of likes I’ve had , the number of followers     I’ve acquired on Instagram or, if my status had changed.
  I don’t mean to be disrespectful nor ungrateful, but I’m sick and tired of you connecting bitches and HO’s with a perfect healthy mind till he has nothing to worry about other than the next set of boobs that’s gonna flash across his screen. I’m sick and tired of you creating a façade for that girl I admired to be intelligent; the first time we spoke, we talked about poetry like there was nothing else to say, only now she has her cleaves on my friends phone, and my dude from theatre arts is constantly checking her page to see when she’s going to post her next bikini pictures.
I’m tired of you allowing my pastors son to argue way too long in public over obscene topics I can’t even comprehend with. I’m sick of you making young folks chase unnecessary attachments to things that don’t matter, all in the name of “in vogue’. Old people get mesmerized by the idea of you portraying the backstabbing girl I had to severe my relationship with as perfect. I’ve seen you tell a pregnant woman, she needs to lose some weights, I’ve seen you  ask a boy with down syndrome, what kind of weed is he been buying, you refuse to acknowledge the difference between a refugee and a migrant.
I’m furious with you for making my best friend get obsessed with trying to impress his 20,000 followers on twitter, now he’s in a maximum security prison of the mind, cos he’s obsessed in real life about the things that don’t matter, he’s now on the contest of popularity going down the drain of P.R insecurity while still trying to make profanity. I’m sick of you making my course mates say things they dont mean and mean things they don’t say on the platform that’s meant to give moral upbringing, you’ve made them care more about how the food looks than how it actually tastes. One thing that is so pissing about your character is that, deep down you know you can never love them , you can only like and move on to the ”next  rated media celebrity”


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