Don’t Judge Just By The Cover

So, i found my way down to the library book shelf this morning {not accidentally by the way} my aim; to continue the memoir of Toyin Falola which i was forced to stop reading abruptly because of the incessant approach of my last exam.
Absent minded i was scanning through the theology section,having no idea what i was looking for, then this unattractive book brought me back to life, the tittle had to be ” Power and Poverty: Divine and Human rule in a world of Need”.
My first thought, ” well, we now have people that write about poverty {based on its cover} and God yet they’re greedy. Curious about what might be written inside, i opened the book skipping a sizeable number of pages and the first letterings i laid my eyes on were
“What Jesus taught; Strategies for Kingdom Living, Actions that break the cycle of Sin”.
And right there i realized, i had just judged a book by it’s cover.
I felt so ashamed.



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