Stereotype Minded.

So, it’s Tuesday and Jimmy told me he met our chaplain after 3 years of leaving high school. Jimmy was the FCS { Fellowship Of Christian Students}  Bible Study coordinator and also the Chapel prefect, he was seen as the Holy Grail of sainthood in whom guile was not found revered by all teachers, but he, he is my best friend who had a massive crush on Cynthia and will still not summon the courage to either move on or tell her how he feels. It seems to me, he’s on a bitter end of a bus heading towards the “District of Friend Zone” with no hope of obtaining a dual citizenship.
He got into the Chaplain’s car, and everything felt suddenly  awkward, and whoa! the car seems rather too hot. James,how are you. “I’m fine Sir” Jimmy answered,trying to hide his left index finger underneath his strap bag. “You should be in your final year now”. “Sure I am” the sweaty Jimmy answered. Oblivious of the threads of water coming down from the top of my friend’s head, the chaplain asked “How’s the FCS and how’s school,hope you’re still in Christ?”. “School is good and i don’t attend FCS sir”. A grimace came in contact with the chaplain’s face and he asked, half shocked, trying to hide the other half simper in his voice. “What happened?, Why?” I feel comfortable worshipping in my new church” was Jimmy’s response to the stereotype questions. As if those were not enough, the chaplain asked a rather ridiculous, but quite true question, “and your parents allowed you?”. “Yes they do”.  Unsure of whether to ask the obvious question, are you sure you’re still in Christ?”    Once again, Or to barge on with questions that seems rather annoying to myself and Jimmy. He chose the latter,but with a twist. “You see the important thing is……he began to give a sermon as to why Jimmy should be in Christ. He still didn’t notice that my friend was sweating profusely as a result of the heat emanating from inside of the car.
I am wandering, after 3 years of not being in contact. Shouldn’t the chaplain have asked, ” so how are you? What are you up to?, and other series of questions that would have made ten minutes not seem like a day. “Are you still in Christ” seriously, i mean the chaplain could do better than that, but he’s still stuck in the 17th century with the stereotype Christian mind of rigidness and a rather quickie judgmental mind. Not attending the FCS makes me less of a Christian now? Attending a church you don’t like. Automatically makes me a sinner? So I’m not to be trusted with deciding which church i should attend. If i can remember, it’s my faith that’ll save me not my pastor’s, not my parents deep faith and definite not the faith of my chaplain. Religion has made the so called “Christians”, hateful, ungrateful ,boastful , unfaithful , judgmental, condescending , complacent and unforgiving. My views on religion is hardly different from my views of the system, for religious institutions could double up as a circus.
We openly forget the reason for being a Christian and act as if Jesus didn’t come for the sinners. He came for the sick not the healthy, to give hope to the down trodden not condemn them.
So many individuals fit into same league with the chaplain, they all act perfect and sanctimonious, like no tainted soil could ever touch them, they believe they’re the chosen, selected few to carry the torch and not mingle with the sinners. On the cross He said I’m not dying because of me I’m dying because of you, not for the sins you have done, but for the ones you will do.
John 8: 7 sums it up.



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