Skilled Workers 

​Observe people who are GOOD at their work – SKILLED workers are always in DEMAND and ADMIRED ; they don’t take a backseat to anyone.

                     –  Proverbs 22:29 (MSG) 

Growing up I’ve always admired people who are always not in a place for long.

  Over the weekend I had a PR job out of school and being the class representative i will always get a call from my course mates.   By the end of Saturday I’ve had over 10 missed calls from various persons.

( i couldn’t pick any of the calls,  believe me when the CEO of a multi billion dollar company such as LUBCON and the president of  Microfinance Bank in Nigeria are giving speeches, you don’t want to make verbatim on Twitter,  and to tweet, you have only 140 characters of which 20 is already dedicated to a mandatory harsh tags automatically) 

By 21: 30 I had just peeled off all my clothes, my tummy animals screaming for Breakfast,  Lunch and Dinner and I have 8 videos needed to be converted for Sunday morning.  To top it all, the primary assignment for which my esteemed parents sent me to school awaits my attention for I have a 3 units test by Monday,  Just then when  I decided to step out of the room my phone started ringing of which I answered,  taking the call ate 4 minutes out of the time I have to iron,  eat,  convert videos and read with a tired and exhausted mind and body, I managed to drag myself to do all I needed to do and then I remembered the pending calls I need to make,  that bugged me for a while but then I dismissed when I remember the target I have for the 20 page material  have to cover. 

Fast Track to Sunday evening when I’m just stepping inside the house by 22:40 ( I’ve been in church all day,  of which I enjoyed)  all I have in my head is to have my bath,  eat and finish my book…. the End 
Yes I just told you how my Saturday and Sunday looks like,  You don’t want to know the full details of it,  Yes it sounded like a girl writing in her diary,  but then keep in mind what I typed first,  kindly go back and check the words letters ” Good, Skilled, Demand &  Admired”  I stand to be corrected these are words a teenager, adult or youth wants to be associated with – I know that’s what I want to be- but then all these cannot be achieved if all you do is sit on your bum all day,  all weekend watching movies and chatting.  There will be some sacrifices you would have to make,  I know I’m making them but I am tired,  tired of what the me is doing,  tired of just being above average,  tired of what I’m not doing,  tired of wasting the little times I could spare.  In the King James Version the Bible says DILIGENT, now diligence means conscientiousness or determination or perseverance  when doing something –  The process ain’t easy but then there’s a reward at the end of it all. 
The whole point of all is that you’ve been wasting time since the beginning of 2016, Are you not tired of just being ordinary,  no one wants to listen to what you have to say, It’s Just December 1, You can still make a difference. 
Remember You need to be skillful at what you do,  don’t follow the crowd – unique is what He created You for –  and you will never take a backseat for the rest of your life. 

I will like to close with a statement from one of my mentors 

” when others are sitting,  Stand,  when others are standing,  stand tall,  when they stand tall,  Fly ”

Welcome to December! 
Further Reading 

Proverbs 6:6

Proverbs 30: 24


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