12 Days of Glory- Day 1


“If the devil was so smart, how come he was so stupid to get himself kicked out of heaven?”

Pastor Marcus Lamb

If anything, this statement has belittled the devil in many ways I’ve ever had to think about him. Ever wondered whilst growing up when we were caught doing something we weren’t  supposed to do our default response would be “it is the devil ooh” ? { well some people still do it} .

The above quote has reduced the hold the devil can have on me, now I have the full knowledge that the devil is really foolish to have been kicked out of heaven , if that is the case then he cannot  measure up to a being {me} created in the image of God.

{ Gen 1:26-27 }

Pastor Marcus Lamb said:

“The devil wants you broke and poor, but God wants you to be blessed. The devil wants your marriage broken, but God wants your family to flourish. The devil wants you to breakdown, but God wants you to have a year of breakthroughs.
God has a design, destiny and purpose for your life. You can be all that God wants you to be. It’s okay to have dreams, desires and visions because the “Dream Maker” is the One who placed those dreams inside of you.

There are three (3) things you must do to breakout & breakthrough:

  1. You must be sensitive to the Holy Spirit:
    You’ve got to recognize the voice of the Lord before you can act on what He has to say.
    2. Be led by God. {Romans 8:14}:
    if you are not led by God on a day to day basis, you will never fulfill what He has in store for you.
    3. Be obedient to what God says. {Isaiah 1:19}:
    Obedience is better than sacrifice. If God gives you an instruction, you must be quick to obey. God can make something out of nothing. God spoke the entire world into existence. If you’ve got God, you’ve got more than enough for every circumstance of life.



God can use people who have made mistakes or those who have problems. You can turn your mess into a message. No matter how far you may have fallen, God can get you back up. In Genesis 20, Abraham, the father of faith, lied to Abimelech about his wife being his sister but God still blessed him afterwards”.

It doesn’t matter where you are coming from, it doesn’t matter what you’ve been involved in, in the past every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.

Another big revelation I got yesterday, is about speaking in tongues

{Jude 1:20}
“As a believer, your secret weapon is your prayer language. When you pray in tongues, the devil doesn’t know what you are saying”

I think its high time Christians stop allowing the foolish devil take advantage of us, it is time to rise up!

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