12 Days of Glory- Day 5 {Syndicate Session-Prevail}

“There is a time for spiritual warfare, but there’s also a time when you wrestle with God for what He has planned for your life. When you begin to wrestle at this level, you need to deliberately align your prayers with God’s word”.

Dr. Cindy Trimm



Christianity was viewed by pagans in ancient Rome: “In the eyes of many at that time, early Christianity was odd, bizarre, and in some ways even dangerous. For one thing, it did not fit with what ‘religion’ was for people then. Indicative of this, Roman-era critics designated it as a perverse “superstition” that there could be someone more powerful than a Roman soldier with swords and shields.

Although Christians in the early church aimed to be good citizens, and to show due respect and care for both their neighbors and the State (as Christians do today), their beliefs in Jesus as the one true God put them at odds with the prevailing culture (as Christian beliefs and practices increasingly do in our secular culture today).

Christian beliefs were even considered more problematic to Rome than Jewish beliefs. How so? While Jews also refused to honor pagan deities, there is little evidence Roman-era Jews aimed to persuade the masses to abandon their gods. And yet this is exactly what Christians did. In other words, Christians were often allowed to hold Christian beliefs in private, but should expect to sacrifice those beliefs when they enter the public arena.


{Genesis 32:24-31}

“Prevail” means to prove more powerful than opposing forces. It also means to be victorious: to have greater influence or effect; to overcome; to be in force and to succeed.
Everyone has a huge potential inside of them. God downloaded potentials inside everyone the day we were created. From the day you were born till the day you die, God gives you opportunities to discover what your potential is and also opportunities to fully maximize it.
Some people are educated but are occupying their wrong potential. Potentials are attached to your purpose and your purpose is attached to your success. It is God’s will for each one of us to be successful.

God doesn’t only want to make you successful, He also wants you to have good success.

God always has an “indicator” and it’s always a problem or crisis. A crisis is a divine announcement that you have outgrown your current level. A problem is placed in your life so that Heaven is able to put pressure on your potential.

Opposition is always an indication that your breakthrough is near.
Do not be overly upset when the enemy is seemingly attacking you. The enemy only attacks you in your areas of strength and not in your areas of weakness. Therefore, wherever the enemy attacks you, that’s the area God is preparing you for a breakthrough.

Success and prosperity are always “booby trapped”. A wall does not prohibit you from having access to what you want, but helps you determine how badly you want something. If you are serious about your purpose, nothing on earth will be able to stop you.

Whenever you have the tendency to be alone, you’ve got to understand that you are surrounded by some great walls of protection. You are never without a prayer covering. Someone in this world has been scheduled to always pray for you. Your name is on the lips of some intercessors and prayer warriors.

The wealthiest place in the world is inside earthen vessels. What you are looking for is inside of you. Your greatest journey is not “outer space” (to travel the world). Your greatest journey is “inner space” (inside of you). God has set the world in your heart. Everything you need in life was given to you at conception.

You can only benefit from what you celebrate. You can only celebrate what you recognize and you can only recognize a thing depending on how discerning you are.



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