12 Days of Glory- Day 9 {One Touch}

“The anointing for “one touch” is not based on who you are but on who God is”

Pst, Matthew Ashimolowo



Humans, at least when things are working as they should, possess 5 senses. These are sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. All of them are important to our existence in and understanding of the world around us. While they are all important, and I wouldn’t want to be without any, the sense of touch is one that places us into direct contact with our world. When we touch something, we are becoming intimately involved with that thing. . Can you imagine not being able to touch your world? Can you imagine not being able to touch those you love? To not to be able to touch them might be worse that to not be able to see them!

We all touch thousands of things every day of our lives. Most, we do not even think about. But, there are times when we reach out and deliberately touch objects because we want to connect with that object. Our touch might be that of love, of passion, of tenderness, of compassion, of help, of deliverance or of curiosity. Our touch could involve many other emotions and processes that I didn’t mention. Often, our touch can effect change in the objects we touch. Today, I learnt about a touch that is far superior to any other human touch. I’m talking about the touch of Christ, and mind you His touch is the touch of God! When He extends His hand into your life and purposely touches you, He will produces changes that no other touch can duplicate.


Pastor Matthew Preached

1 Samuel 10:1-7

Never take leadership for granted. The anointing upon the leadership you submit to is capable of flowing down to you.

Healing is real. Our God heals and delivers. The virtue of healing flows wherever the presence of God is.

Job 37:7
The Lord shields the hand of every man.

God is ready to use, bless and take you forward despite your frailty and brokenness.

Hebrews 1:9
God has anointed you with favor above your brethren. God does not touch anything and it remains the same.


1 Samuel 10:3
When God touches you, you not only receive revelation but also progression.

1 Samuel 10:3-4
When God touches you, you receive prosperity. God’s touch brings about practical demonstration of His miracles.


When touch of God comes upon you. You will do signs and wonders. Anointing and miracles will follow you, you will demonstrate God’s grace and power. You will enjoy the power of God. God will use you and make you a blessing. You will reach where you have never reached. You will touch what you have never touched.




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