12 Days of Glory – Day 10 {The Father and His household}

“God doesn’t punish people. He treats everyone based on their relationship with Him. God does not deal with you based on your effort because your effort always keeps you on a spot until He provides grace”

Dr. Mensa Otabil


Genesis 1:26, Ephesians 2:19

The Christian life is not a presumption, it is a reality. Your faith in the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ and the power of God is not a figment of your imagination. It is therefore important to know how these realities fit into the scripture.

Who is God and what is He like?
Sometimes when you read the bible, you might get the impression that God is inconsistent. At certain times (The Old Testament), it seems like He had no patience and at other times (The New Testament) He had/has extreme tolerance for everyone. God is the same, but His relationship with us changes periodically. God is fixed, but man moves. When man moves, our relationship with God changes. It’s our movement that makes it appear as if God changes even though He doesn’t change.


God is relational. This means that He does not dwell in isolation. God values relationships. He is relational in Himself and He made us to be in a relationship with Him. In God’s household, each person has to understand their relationship with God in order to know how to relate with Him. At the time when God created man in His own image, Adam was the created child of God. God created Adam from the Earth and breathed His Spirit into Him. He then became a living being. Adam started his relationship with God as His child; not born but created.


The first relationship between God and man was one between a father and His children (the created children of God).
When God created Adam, He gave him everything he needed, including a wife. This is a reflection of the relationship between a father and a child as well as the length a father would go for his child.

In Genesis 3:9, the devil tempted Adam and Eve thus leading to their sin against God and consequent fall. When God came to them in the garden of Eden, He didn’t come running to them in a judgmental manner, He came walking because He knew what they had done. His first response was not judgement or condemnation but self-assessment. At this point, the relationship of God and man changed from that of a father and a son to that of a father and an outcast {an outcast is someone not in a direct relationship with God who has been denied access to God’s blessing}


After Adam and Eve fell, God cursed the ground on which they walked, the process of producing food and the pain of bearing children. However, He did not curse them. Man became an outcast and a recipient of God’s wrath.

Genesis 4:1
All outcasts aren’t the same. There are good and bad outcasts. Among outcasts, there are people who live a decent life and there are others who don’t. Relating this to recent times, there are decent looking people who seemingly live right but are not born again.

God doesn’t punish people. He treats everyone based on their relationship with Him. God does not deal with you based on your effort because your effort always keeps you on a spot until He provides grace.

God does not bless you because of the anointing on you, but because of His grace and mercy. It’s not about how powerful a man is, it’s about how powerful God is.



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