12 Days of Glory- Day 10

“You will never be more than a spectator until you begin to serve”

Pst. Ana Sweet


Psalm 1:1-5(ERV)

When your roots are deeply planted, you will not be moved. When you are planted, you will always be successful. There are lot of voices in the world. Any voice that discourages you from serving the Lord this year is an evil voice. You must do away with evil voices. Consciously make a decision to stay away from wrong associations. Evil voices act as obstacles to your growth. You must be planted in the house of God where you are continually fed to grow. Going from one church to another is not a form of being planted. If you want to grow strong you must be planted. Make a decision today to be planted in the right house. If you are not planted, you will never grow into a huge tree and you won’t bear fruits. When you are planted, everything you do will be successful.


{Ephesians 4:11-12}
There is a system in the Kingdom of God and honor is one of the various systems. Your pastor is a gift from God to take you up. When you understand and honor your gift, your success is sure. You can’t get to your destination without training. The responsibility of your pastor is to prepare you for the work God has called you to do.

Unless you are serving someone, you are not qualified for promotion. It is very important that you serve in your church. To serve is to be planted. Service in church is a decision. You must make up your mind to serve. God has great things in store for you but if you don’t grow up, they cannot be yours. You will never be able to fulfill your dream until you embrace someone else’s dream. The first step to fulfilling your dream is letting go. When you are faithful in someone else’s dream, God will give you your own dream. Be committed to your pastor’s dreams. You will never be more than a spectator until you begin to serve.


When the benefit of serving is greater than the effort you put into something, then it’s not sacrifice. There is seed, time and harvest. Never skip a process because every process is more important than its destination. There is a system already in place. Discover it and go for it. Never be afraid of anything because God is always with you.

It’s not enough to honor your leaders, you also have to honor one another.




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