OK,so Richard is supposed to be preparing for his class tomorrow and he has an assignment due on Wednesday  , but no he isn’t doing any of those. Instead he is reminiscing over the last one year, how his life has been transformed unto a greater height of purpose and determination, how He has become a beacon of hope to some. hoe he came from being renewed in his mind. To top it all how he’s become a “church boy”.


Coming in contact with the house of COZA, has indeed being a  bundle superfluous experiences that will give Trump a run for his money, thanks to the matriarchs of this amazing household The Rev. Biodun & Pst. Modele Fatoyinbo ; thank you Mummy and Daddy for making us soar on the wings of your prayers and dedication.

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Being a student and having to travel down 24km every weekend ( as my friends termed it back in February, 2016: craziness of the highest order). Financially it was not easy, I’ve had to miss some classes because of church and I’ve never had carry over, I’ve never been stranded.

… I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken nor beg for bread

But I am grateful to God that  the”Craziness” has paid off in folds unimaginable, believe me when I tell you my life since then have been  manifestations miracles in rapid successions, many have been pulled to God true my dedication to God’s work.

...thanks be to God who always causes us to triumph.

Hurray COZA turns 18 tomorrow and I cannot keep calm. Beyond words, beyond human comprehension, beyond imagination I have been blessed, I’ve met fathers who have taken me in as their son,Mothers who doth over me in the place of prayer, friends who love me more than I can imagine, mentors who keep pushing me to do better, team mates who are super amazing.

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To the eternal, immortal, invincible, only wise God; I give all the glory and adoration, never would have made it without Him.


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